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A Birthday in Disneyland

One of the first things Bethany wanted to do in Disneyland on her birthday, was go and visit Halloween Donald… so dressed in her Snow White princess dress (hey – she can wear whatever she wants on her birthday right?) we lined up for Donald.

Donald tried to scare us, so I casually turned around and mentioned that Peking Duck was one of our favorite dishes to eat.. mmm… mmm… mmm… Donald was a bit scared of me after that. 😉 (Naughty mummy scaring Donald). 

Next, Bethany wanted to see Policeman Chip, and Convict Dale… Mitchell really liked these 2 guys!

Lots of rides, lunch, and later into the afternoon, Bethany found her first princess of the day… Belle.

Bethany got very shy around Belle, but she was still able to ask Belle to sign her birthday Autograph book. 🙂 Belle then told Bethany that her dress was so pretty she should really go and visit Snow White… so, we did!

Snow White commented to Bethany on what a lovely choice of dress she had on… hehehe. 

It was pretty cute, Despite Bethany having stickers plastered all over it. Every time a ‘cast member’ gave her a sticker, she would peel it before we could blink, and place it on her dress somewhere. By the end of the night she was covered in them.

And yes… again.. it was nigh on 9 pm when we left Disneyland. We also decided to bite the bullet and buy annual passes. We KNOW we’ll be back for Christmas, and sometime around Mitchell’s Birthday… and I can use the annual pass during school holidays for a novel day out… The annual pass wasn’t too expensive. With both my kids being Mickey nuts, and myself a fan of Disney as well.. I am sure we’ll get our value out of the passes. It’s only about 30 minutes drive in the car… and the tolls are around the same as what I would pay to get to Taronga Zoo… so it makes an interesting substitute. 😉

As we put Bethany into the car she said ‘This was a great birthday’, and then fell asleep no more than 2 minutes later. I’m not sure if we could top this birthday for her, but both kids had a lot of fun and came away exhausted but smiling.


4 thoughts on “A Birthday in Disneyland

  1. Soooo Fun!! For Bethany’s sake, I’m glad she isn’t afraid of the characters. My nephew is still kind of unsure around them at times. Sometimes we will go and he will give them hugs and allow his picture to be taken with them. Other times he gets all shy or even rude to them if they come around to see him (we tend to do a fair amount of character dining when we go to Disney with my sister’s in-laws.) I guess it at least means that we rarely have to stand in line to see them. He is usually happy to look from afar. I wonder if he will want to wait in the lines when he gets a bit older.

    It looks like you all had a great time. Bethany looks adorable in her Snow White dress!

    I love how all the characters are in costume! I wonder if they are doing that here this month. Guess I’ll find out this weekend. 😀

  2. All of Bethany’s birthday celebration pics brought a smile to my face. The joys of childhood are so wonderful, and it’s clear both she and Mitchell had a wonderful time. And what nice parents you guys are to put on such a special fourth birthday for her. B was so adorable in her Snow White costume! I hope you and Titus had just as much fun!

  3. You know Steve, you shouldn’t talk about Donald like that. 😉
    But I agree with you.. Snow White up close was kinda scary, and I’m really unsure what nationality she actually was (despite her American accent)

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