The dilemma with honesty…

Is that you hope for the same from your fellow citizens. Well… we’ve learnt this weekend that doesn’t happen. 

To whoever ‘stole’ Titus’s wallet off the bus… SHAME ON YOU!!! *points finger in an angry and annoyed manner while muttering ‘where did I put those scissors of mine’*

Do you know how much of a chore it is to notify not one, but two countries of stolen documents?? It’s a BIG chore…. and very stressful.

And to top it off, it would seem one of my VERY important documents has also disappeared in another unrelated incident, so I’ve been bouncing between the police, government departments, etc… 

Yeah… I’m stressed. Yeah… I wouldn’t mind jumping on a plane home at the moment… 

And you know… it isn’t just the fact the stuff has been stolen… it’s the invasion of privacy. It’s the risk to our names that comes with the personal nature of it all… and it sucks!! Not to mention Titus lost his set of cute photos of the kids he shows to people… several of which were ‘one offs’… 


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