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When you’re angry at the world…

And your daughter is on school holidays, where better to re-find yourself than ‘the happiest place in Hong Kong’.

I figured we may as well start using the year passes we got for Bethany’s birthday and head out to Disneyland for the day. I also wanted to try doing the trip on public transport for a comparison. It is 3 train rides to get there. One to Hong Kong station, transfer to another train to Sunny Bay, and then transfer onto the special ‘Disneyland’ train to Disneyland. It is about 45 minutes all up, and cost a whopping $20.70 for me (around $3 Australian), and half that for Bethany (Mitchell is free until he turns 3). The kids went wild when they saw the inside of the Disneyland train. Mickey Mouse windows, Mickey hand grips, statues of iconic Disney characters throughout the train. It got them into the spirit… not that they needed any help. It made me smile though, seeing them so excited and ready to enjoy their day. 

It was actually a good day to go (aside from the heat.. it’s still 30 degrees C here… so much for Autumn!!) as there wasn’t much of a crowd. I thought it would be pretty busy with school holidays, but it appears only the younger classes are off for the week, so we were pleasantly surprised. Bethany wanted to see the characters *again*, but this time, there were virtually NO queues. 

We started with Minnie, who didn’t want to let Mitchell go. Then we discovered the ‘special treat’ of the day was Eeyore doing a rare appearance (normally only Pooh and Tigger come out apparently). Bethany was delighted, Mitchell didn’t like him, and was actually pretty scared of him. A real first given the way he runs towards the characters most of the time. 

Another rare treat was Goofy in traditional chinese dress. 

The kids finally got to meet Daisy (who decided she wanted to keep Mitchell and kept kissing, cuddling and holding him).

Mitchell didn’t mind the attention from his favorite ducks at all though, even if they were dressed in Halloween costumes.

Then we encountered Bethany’s current favorite Disney movie character… the cute, naughty alien Stitch.

They had a lot of fun copying each other, and Stitch even gave Bethany a kiss!

Right next to him, out came Woody and Jesse, so ‘of course’ *eyeroll* Bethany had to say hi to them as well as get a photograph.

We stayed for the afternoon parade, which was small, but the kids loved it… they got to see characters they don’t normally see, as well as the ‘standard’ ones they do… I myself was amazed at the co-ordination of the parade… the music was sequenced to come on when the floats hit each section of their route… and even though different music was playing throughout the path, it didn’t clash or detract from the section we were sitting at to watch… 

Bethany made the timely comment after the parade that she wanted to go home… which I certainly wasn’t complaining about. Even though we spent most of our day in Fantasyland, it was exhausting, but fun. Took my mind off stuff… let the kids run around and have fun… and all it cost us was the food and public transport (because I was VERY good and didn’t go into the shops or look at the photos the Disney photographers had taken). That’s a whole AU$ 30 for the day at Disneyland!! Not bad ay?

Side Note: Mickey’s Philharmonic is awesome. The kids loooved it.. very cleverly done. 🙂

One thought on “When you’re angry at the world…

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun! You are like my Disney buddy on the other side of the world now. 😀

    Your pictures are, as always, adorable! Isn’t Mickey’s Philharmonic cool!? I love how they incorporate the smells and everything into it. Also, it’s not scary like some of the 3D things in our other Disney parks here.

    I’m glad you had a good time. Disney is so much fun.

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