Bethany / halloween

who’d have though?

Halloween. The quintessential American ‘holiday’ where the ghosts, ghouls and kiddies come out for trick or treating. 

So… who would think, half a world away in Asia, it would have any meaning, let alone following…


Bethany and a rather large pumpkin

And yet… here is my daughter… sitting in the mouth of a rather large pumpkin…. 

This one in fact, in the middle of Causeway Bay, in the Heart of Hong Kong. Halloween and all it’s trimmings, celebrated by department stores, shopping malls (this one is in Times Square), even supermarkets. Hong Kong seems to be going all out to celebrate the American tradition… which if you know me, I am deeeeelighted with. Restaurants are offering up ‘halloween’ menus all over the place.

There is nothing like celebrating the vampires, werewolves, ghosts and things that go BUMP in the night and a bit of commercialism thrown in to boot!!

I can even buy a real American orange pumpkin for Bethany and I to carve, and I CAN’T WAIT!!

Now I just have to figure out if the kids go trick or treating in their apartment buildings or not.


One thought on “who’d have though?

  1. How cool is that display!?!?!? What a fantastic find! Have fun carving the pumpkin–can’t wait to see the end result!! Maybe you have some American families in the building you live in that you can ask regarding T or T??

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