I have a problem…

Bethany won’t stay quiet for more than 30 seconds… and getting her to 30 seconds is a rarity. She talks, sings, laughs, and when you ask her to keep her mouth shut.. she does, but hums…. ALL the time. 

The only time she doesn’t have a noise coming out of her mouth is when she is sleeping or eating… the rest of the time, I know exactly where she is.

Take our short 5 minute taxi ride home today. We get in, and I ask Bethany to stay quiet for a few minutes so the Taxi driver can concentrate (something you need to do a lot of on Hong Kong roads). Three seconds later Bethany is singing. Shhh, I say. Another 10 seconds pass and Bethany starts talking about the difference between taxi’s and cars, about which way her school bus goes every day, about the buildings we’re passing, the cars we’re passing, Mitchell’s condition on my lap “he’s not sleeping mummy”… 

I think the taxi driver was relieved to get us out, although I noted the smirk on his face every time Bethany broke her short lived silence. 

Now apparently one of Bethany’s friends at school is ‘almost’ as talkative as Bethany. I have to wonder what nightmares the teachers have trying to make them shut up long enough to listen to anything. Being a girl, if Bethany is this bad now, what am I in for when she hits the teenage years?!!?!


2 thoughts on “I have a problem…

  1. OK, I was like that, too, and look how well I turned out.

    No, no, Lisa, come back! It’s not that bad!

    Seriously, once I could read, my attention was diverted, and I got a lot quieter.

    Sounds like Bethany has a lot to say, and is enjoying life. If only us grown-ups were as lucky!

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