Hong Kong / New Zealand / Rugby

And the winner is…

All Blacks 19 – Australia 14

You can take the kiwi gal out of New Zealand but you can’t take the passion for the All Blacks and rugby out of her blood.

We won!! It was a scrappy game… lots of sloppy play on both sides. I was hoping to get some pics of the stadium from where we live above it for here, but the weather caved in on me… so I couldn’t walk down the hill to get them. For those of you who are thinking “huh?”… I’m talking about the Bledisloe Cup rugby union match between Australia (them they calls the Wallabies) and New Zealand (them they call the best damn team on the planet.. AKA.. All Blacks) which took place this afternoon here in Hong Kong.

Now there has been a lot of complaining from Aussie’s and Kiwi’s alike that Bledisloe Cup matches should only be played in Australia or New Zealand and are a waste of time being played on foreign soil… that these overseas games are nothing but a ‘cash cow’. Well.. perhaps I have a different perspective because I am out of the country, but I don’t care where the games are held as long as they are played hard and fair. Now, if an overseas Bledisloe Cup match can provide other nations with the opportunity to discover and share in the game of rugby union, I’m all for that too. Personally I can’t think of a better game to show the world than the Bledisloe. It’s generally a better quality of competition because of the long-lived trans-tasman battle. Both Australia and New Zealand have something to prove when they match up against one another in a rivalry that goes back almost 80 years. New Zealand has always tried to prove it is a force to be reckoned with equalling or conquering the might of Australia despite it’s small size (both in landmass and population), while Australia doesn’t want to be trampled on by their mates across the ditch. It makes for some intense rugby (although tamed somewhat in recent years with rule changes) because these two sides often have the same high levels of skill and ability making their games close and unpredictable.

England’s rugby (the ‘kicking’ game) is boring, South Africa can be questionable, and most of the other rugby playing nations (with perhaps the exception of France in a good year) don’t generally rate high enough to provide genuine competition for the All Blacks and Wallabies. Don’t get me wrong though, because I also have a passion for those underdog teams. Wales are my sentimental favorite team because they are always such good sports no matter how hard the game, or how badly they get thrashed (and believe me, those poor welshmen have had some severe thrashings over the years), and Scotland show real passion and pride in their campaigns as well. Even the Rugby Union World Cup doesn’t get that exciting (unless Australia and New Zealand are playing for a place in the finals).  But the best games, and invariably the closest games, where the true art form of rugby is presented (and not just punting the ball from one end of the field to the other and relying on field goals and penalty kicks), are those contested for the Bledisloe Cup, so why not show the world our best and share it around? 

Anyhow… in honour of the All Blacks win, and because I am a kiwi with a sense of humour… I offer you this little gem from youtube. I also recommend checking out the hardstyle version afterwards for a laugh.

Want a chup bro?


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