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Flying in the sky

We ventured on a much needed (for me anyway) whirlwind trip back to the lands down under.. 48 hours in Sydney, and 5 days in New Zealand (to surprise my mum for her birthday). 

I miss Sydney.. even more after having a mere taste of it.. 48 hours is nothing. It is true what they say.. you never truly miss what you had until you don’t have it any more. We don’t realise how good we have it in Australia… like only having to visit one supermarket for groceries instead of the 4 I have to venture around here. I know I will certainly cherish it more when we get back. 

New Zealand was a good trip. The kids had a blast. My parents had fun, my brother gave everyone a surprise, and I got to see my dear friend Fiona.

Bethany was in her element as Fiona had four kittens for her to cuddle and carry.

Bethany couldn’t get enough of them. I am sure she would have stayed there for days if we could have. 🙂

The weather in Auckland was…. *chokes in amazement* awesome. It was cool, but not TOO cold, with beautiful blue skies. I just wish we’d had time to get out of the city a bit and head down the country. Always next time…


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