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The happiest place to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong

Such as I am lacking in Christmas spirit, we decided a day in Hong Kong Disneyland was in order. Trying to ‘beat the rush’, we ventured to go and see Mickey in his christmas decorated house first (and still had to wait 45 minutes to get in). 

It was a wise decision… someone needs to tell the people visiting Disneyland there is a global recession on because the park was busier than ever!! Queues that are normally only 5 minutes long were 30 to 45 minutes long. Mickey’s house had a 2 hour queue at one point… wise decision to go early… see?

We also visited Mickey and Minnie in the Fantasy Gardens where they were also dressed up for Christmas…

Later that night, it was snowing on Main Street USA. No… it wasn’t REAL snow… it was just another of those technological marvels Disney come up with as it is too warm here for snow.. but Mitchell LOVED it!

We had a good day out… exhausting, but when isn’t a day in Disneyland with two young kids… I had a great time too… but I think my christmas spirit stayed in the park.. because it has sadly gone missing again. Oh well… we might just have to go back before the year is out ay!


2 thoughts on “The happiest place to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong

  1. As always, the pictures with your kids are adorable! It’s my turn to be jealous of you now! I won’t get to see Disney all decorated for Christmas this year. Just too much going on this month to make the trip up there. I hope your Christmas spirit finds it’s way out of the park and into your heart!

  2. I LOVE the pic of Mitchell on Titus’ shoulders. That is pure joy. Absolutely adorable. And I hope you find your Christmas spirit soon!

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