A little close to home

I forgot to mention in all my lack of Christmas spirit about the Mumbai terrorism that happened a couple of weeks ago now. 

Those of you who know us would probably be aware that Titus has been making trips to India recently… and in fact, Mumbai has been where he has spent all his time. Three weeks before the attacks, Titus was in Mumbai, staying at the Oberoi. At the exact time the gunmen struck, 3 weeks before, Titus had been sitting down to dinner at the Taj. Both were significant targets of the terrorists, so you can imagine how we felt watching the images on the TV… Titus was giving a running commentary of where the footage was being shot, having only been there 3 weeks prior. 

Who would have thought locations we had been talking so fondly about hoping to get to see together would be fired upon, blown up and left ablaze. It makes me sad and angry that someone would want to harm innocent people like this. 

Thoughts and discussions we had started going down the path of ‘what would you do if you had been there?’ Would it be better to barricade oneself in the hotel room or try to escape? The scenarios are nothing but gut wrenching. 

Titus said the staff in the hotels were dedicated.. as the stories of staff sacrificing themselves for their guests started making headlines, it proved entirely true. What a sacrifice. As much as it saddens me, I think the western world could learn a lot from the selflessness of these people. They are heroes, but will the rest of the world ever see them that way?

I hope people do.

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