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Cookie Time!

Feeling better, I decided to give Bethany some fun (which I had promised before Christmas but was too sick to be able to follow through on).

We made basic cookies from ‘every kiwi’s cooking bible’ – the Edmonds Cookbook, and then decorated them using wonderful Wilton icing products not available in Australia, yet very accessible in supermarkets even here. Americans (and Wilton) have the market when it comes to cake and cookie icing I tell ya!

Bethany asked me to make the Superman logo on the snowman’s chest.. the icing is glittery, so it looked really cute. The blue in particular was… SUPER!

Bethany however, after experimenting on one cookie with all the icings decided pink was her favorite, and we ended up using it for most of our icing fun. 


bethanys artistic cookie creation

This was Bethany’s favorite cookie, and she ended up making several ‘pink icing with chocolate sprinkles’ cookies. I was most impressed with her colour combination skills. 😉

Now she is enjoying the ‘eating’ of her creations.

And since I was given a few Wilton cake tins for Christmas, I might just have to use one and make a cake for her to ice before the week is out. What do you think?

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