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What to do on day 1 of 2009?

Go to the beach!

We ventured over to Big Wave Bay (on the east side of Hong Kong Island). It is a small beach, secluded with a walk down from the carpark past some shacks offering a variety of simplistic food. The beach is actually a surf beach! The surf isn’t anything spectacular, but would be perfect for boogie boarding in the summer I imagine. 

The sand was a pleasant surprise underfoot, being the fine grains we’re used to back in Australia, and actually quite clean too! All the beaches we have been to previously are coarsely grained…

Bethany and Mitchell had a wonderful time digging in the sand, despite the chill in the air. It is Autumn here now, so not warm enough to swim (without a wetsuit at least). The cool weather didn’t stop the kids having a wonderful time though. 

We plan to venture back to this beach at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later), as it is also home to some prehistoric rock carvings, which I am more than curious about. I’ve become quite intrigued by the immense history this part of the world had to offer.

A great start to 2009… so far… will it continue?

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