Working with room… or there lack of

A few people have asked about living space in Hong Kong. The fact is… it sure ain’t as roomy as our house back in Sydney. But we’re making do. 

This is Mitchell’s room in it’s rare native tidy state. Normally it has toys strewn across the floor. It is smaller than his bedroom back home, so storage is important. However, as you can hopefully tell from the picture, despite the excessive amount of toys, there is still enough room for him to play and sleep. 

The apartment we live in has 3 bedrooms, Mitchell’s is the smallest of those. It has a combined lounge/dining room, 2 full bathrooms (why Hong Kong people need 2 baths is beyond me!), kitchen, study alcove, and a maids room. The maids room houses the washing machine and is privately located at one end of the kitchen. 

We don’t have a balcony and we don’t have a yard. We DO have an oven… you’d be surprised how many apartments don’t. In fact, we viewed some apartments that didn’t have a cooktop! And we do have a room for the maid. Again, you wouldn’t believe that some peoples idea of a maids room is a cupboard in the kitchen akin to something out of the Munsters where the helper would barely be able to sit up on her shoulders. 

I didn’t think I could get used to living in a small space like an apartment, but we have all adjusted. Strange how when you have to, you just deal with the conditions in front of you.


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