Looks can be deceiving

Doesn’t look very appetising does it?

Believe it or not, it is delicious. This is a thousand year egg, and while I eat them, I normally don’t find them palatable on their own like this. However, THESE thousand year eggs are the appetiser at a restaurant called ‘Yung Kee‘.

The outside of the egg is firm, but not chewy. It melts in the mouth. The yolk can best be described as rich and creamy. I can only eat one per outing (I’m not kidding when I use the term rich), but YUM. The lingering aftertaste is just as good as the eating, if not better. They are certainly worth trying, but if you are going to try them anywhere, try them at Yung Kee first. 

I’m afraid you miss out on seeing the other dishes we ate, because, quite frankly, once the goose comes out, it is pretty hard to hold off eating. Yung Kee are known both locally and internationally for having THE BEST roast goose (siu knor) in Hong Kong. The restaurant has had it’s reputation for possibly a good 40 years or more, and is still incredibly popular. You pretty much need to book (at least 24 to 48 hours in advance), as you are often left waiting for considerable time, or more likely turned away. Not only is the goose divine, but their salt and pepper pork is also disputably the best on Hong Kong island. Yung Kee isn’t cheap, but it is the kind of place you go when you’re willing to pay for the quality food you expect to (and invariably do) receive. The dishes we ordered tonight were all tasty, delicious, inviting, and filling. If you’re lucky, maybe next time I’ll remember to snap some photos before I get overwhelmed by the food. 😉

From the smiles on Bethany and Mitchell’s faces… I am sure you can see we enjoyed the meal and our night out.

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