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Celebrating Chinese New Year the Disney way…

Yes… again… we were off to Disneyland. For those who are thinking “how can they afford so many visits?” I have two words… Annual Pass. For the cost of a zoofriends annual pass to Taronga Zoo per person, we can instead wander into Disneyland almost any day of the year we like. We drive our car there, and our pass affords us free parking, so our only expense in transit is the tolls (and the occasional consumption of petrol (buy the car.. NOT me)). Our entry is ‘free’ (obviously), and food and drink… we can either take our own, or get something there with some restaurants offering a discount to Annual Pass holders. So unless we buy toys or photos (which hasn’t happened for several trips now) then it’s a pretty cheap fun day out for the kids with Disney characters instead of animals. 

Anyway we wanted to get the kids out there to see Disneyland while it was dressed up for Chinese New Year, because who knows if we’ll have the opportunity next year.

We weren’t disappointed. We had braced for crowds, which at this time of the year are pretty common in Disneyland. Fortunately, as the last day of celebrations in Disneyland, it wasn’t as crowded as we expected. That’s not to way it wasn’t busy… just not wall to wall people in every part of the park. 

There was a short parade down main street with chinese dragon dancers, lion dancers, as well as Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. All around the park were different displays of Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Family, etc. 

Mitchell and Daddy found the symbol for Love in the centre of Disneyland. What you can’t see is that we made daddy wear a ‘It’s my birthday today’ badge. 🙂

Even Sleeping Beauty’s castle was decorated for chinese new year. You might notice how they’ve incorporated Mickey into one of the chinese symbols in the gold diamonds. 

Meanwhile,Bethany spent some time with Mickey, specially dressed for Chinese New Year.

Bethany is quite upset that the next time we go the chinese new year decorations will be gone – she thought they were really pretty, but the year must go on. 

According to the Disneyland channel, we’ve now seen every special event they have at Disneyland… having said that, Easter is coming up, so who knows if they will do anything for that.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Chinese New Year the Disney way…

  1. It’s so fun to see your Disney pictures. It’s interesting to see how everything is so the same and yet so very, very different. I guess it really is “a small world after all.” 😀

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