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Icing on the Cat

Before I go any further… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT!! This post’s for you. 😉

I decided to put some of my newly learned cake decorating skills to the test today.

First, Bethany helped grease the tin using a product by Wilton called Cake Release. I think the results speak for themselves…

I cheated and used a Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake packet mix for the cake. I think it is ok to take a short cut sometimes, and particularly when you have a son who is starting to go through the terrible twos at 22 months of age and throws a tantrum or fights for cuddles from you every few minutes. 

This is what our cake looked like after 35 minutes of cooking, fresh out of the tin.

The cake tin (or pan) was the Wilton Friendly Lion (or as I keep mistyping it fiendly loin) pan. I picked it up on sale at a supermarket called CitySuper and have been dying to give it a go. I don’t think it came out too bad. Do you?

Now… onto the icing!!!

I’ve been making buttercream icing with shortening for the cake course, but out of curiosity, I decided to try making my buttercream icing with butter today. Real butter… Anchor butter (New Zealand butter!!!)… and it came out much better and less ickier than the shortening version. Henceforth, I think unless I am desperate all cakes I decorate from now on outside of the cake course I shall do with BUTTER!

I iced the sides of the cake ‘el natural’ – off white (not bone, not beige, not cream.. but OFF WHITE). Then the fun part began. I used brown (because the shop I buy my Wilton supplies from didn’t have black) and piped the lines around the edges of the body, eyes, eyebrows, etc. Then I got to practice my star filling pattern with yellow icing.

I need to practice more, because you can see bits of brown come through between the stars, which means I haven’t piped them close enough together. Something to try improving on with the next cake! My hand hurt after doing all those stars I tell ya!!

Next came the tail, nose and mane. I was a little nervous about it because it used a technique I hadn’t been taught, and I had put the icing in the fridge while I was doing stuff with the kids so it had gone a bit stiff. In the end, the mane and tail turned out ok I think. After a poor attempt at doing a shell border (I’m gunna need to practice that a LOT more before I get close to right I think) and a few finishing details on the face, my final decorated cake looked like this:

This is the first time I have ever decorated a character pan in this way. 

What do YOU think?

Is he friendly? or fiendy? 

If I could get away with sending him to Oz for my friend Cat’s birthday, I would… but alas he’s had to be shared amongst people in my apartment building, with Bethany keeping the head for herself. And before I think too hard with my peverted mind on that last line… I’m outa here!


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