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Hong Kong Living

As promised, here are some more photos of our apartment in Hong Kong. 

Our apartment is 1350 square feet. The pictures above are the lounge and kitchen.

The lounge has to also substitute as a play area, hence if you look closely (you can click on the photo to go to the flickr link) you will see toys spread around (and Bethany’s all important Superman chair 😉 ). Bethany has had to learn the importance of cleaning up after herself, and even Mitchell helps out. It doesn’t mean I don’t often have to wade through a floor of toys though… The furniture in the lounge is primarily from Ikea because we stored most of our Australian furniture. There is no way my lounge suite from Australia would have fitted in the lift to the apartment, let alone into the room itself. Titus had to compromise with a ‘smaller’ tv… I think it is only 41 or 42 inch *eyeroll*, and we haven’t thought about getting a surround sound system or anything yet. 

The kitchen is a long galley style kitchen. In Hong Kong, this kitchen is considered large (according to the locals I’ve talked to). It also has an oven, which is a rarity here (but a must have for me). I miss my old kitchen back in Oz terribly. It wasn’t even 12 months old when we left, and because we designed our kitchen ourselves, it worked for our needs… having to adjust to this apartment kitchen has been a real challenge because there isn’t much bench space, and storage is a premium. Needless to say I appreciate my kitchen back home all the more now.. and in particular the dishwasher (which was veritably brand new because Titus washed the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher!). A dishwasher is virtually unheard of here. At the end of the kitchen is the maids room which has to share with the washing machine and clothes hanging. 

This brings me to Bethany’s room.

Space being a premium, we have to work with height to make sure everything fits in. This is Bethany’s computer desk, which also doubles as a craft and drawing desk, as well as bookshelf and toy storage. The desk top pulls out so she has double the area to work on when she needs it. And Yes… that is a ginormous ‘my little pony’ sitting next to her desk. We hoped she would put it in storage, but when she saw it being packed up, she got so distressed we had to move it to the ‘coming with us’ pile. 

Now did I mention Bethany has everything in her room INCLUDING the kitchen sink??? I don’t know how we pack so many toys into her bedroom. She also has built in wardrobes for her clothes… and a window sill…

full of toys.(Yes – that is a giant Nemo on her bed… same story as the pony) While she probably has too many toys, I feel we made the right decision in letting her bring all of them with her. There is a comfort factor to her (and Mitchell’s) rooms which helps them adjust to life here. Bethany has integrated into life here with relative ease and part of that has to be attributed to the familiarity around her… at least that is what I like to think…


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