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Somewhere over the rainbow…

weigh a cake!

As part of the Wilton cake decorating course I am doing, we are supposed to decorate a cake with a rainbow. Disappointingly, the Hong Kong classes do not decorate a cake until the last day, so a friend doing the course with me and I decided we would try and make the rainbow cake anyway. My friends helper looked after Mitchell and her son while we got to work. 

It was a lot of fun seeing the image come together as we slowly worked on it a colour at a time. I eventually ended up with this:

I dedicate it to my bestest friend Fiona. Hopefully you figured that out though from the writing. I’ve never been good with scripting, and prefer to stick to printing. You can see why. 


My rainbow cake and I

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. My only complaint was the red icing tasted gross. I have since purchased some ‘no taste’ red icing for my next adventure. 

Actually, the other thing I discovered was that the red icing looked salmon coloured when I mixed it, but once it dried on the cake it turned red and that was a bit confusing… but it all worked out in the end. 

My friend did this really cute toothpaste effect on her cake which looked like real toothpaste! Here are our cakes together:

Cakes are made to be eaten, so of course, we then served them up. My friends cake was a cream cheese based cake which was soooo delicious I am going to try making it for myself in a couple of days since my final class (and cake decorating requirement) is coming up.

I’ll leave the verdict with this picture of Bethany…


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