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Riding on a Star…

Ferry that is. The Star Ferry is one of the ‘must do’ ‘iconic’ things in Hong Kong. The main route of the ferry is from Central on Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon, for the hefty price of HK$2 (around 50 cents (AU)). 

Bethany is always nagging to go on the ferries, so it was a good little trip on a busy sunday afternoon. Tsim Sha Tsui is very touristy, but it does have a decent Toys’R’Us, and some interesting walks to keep the kids amused. 

Mitchell loved the ferry. He eagerly pointed around at the various boats on the harbour and loved having some time with daddy. He’s pointing to another Star ferry in the picture above. 

The amusement came when we arrived back at the pier in Central. A chinese guy was merrily busking next to the ferries dressed in a kilt, playing a bagpipe. He drew quite a crowd, not because of how good he was (he was ok… he apparently has been in a magazine called ‘Celtic Life’) but for the novelty of it. 

The Star Ferry moving off in the background is the one we had just gotten off. I gave the piper some coins (of course).. it was worth it for the picture. 😉

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