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While I was off making buttercream roses and playing with icing, Titus took the kids to a place called ‘Playtown’ and I joined them there afterwards. It is a candyland themed indoor play centre on Hong Kong Island in a similar fashion to ‘Lollipops’ in Sydney, only MUCH cleaner. The variety of climbing objects, tunnels and activities was very similar though. 

Mitchell LOVED the toddler area. It had a smaller tunnel climbing structure with slide, which gave him the confidence to want to climb up the bigger tunnels later on as well as a deep ball pit which he and several other kids almost drowned in. I had images of Maggie Simpson from that episode of ‘The Simpsons’ where she was shoved in the room of balls and splatted against the wall (I am sure one of you out there knows which episode I am referring to…. want to give me the episode name my Queen of Everything Simpsons (you KNOW who you are)? ;)) going through my mind as I saved him from being smothered by small plastic balls a couple of times.

Bethany on the other hand loved the giant red speed slide they had, disappearing through the entrance here and flying down the slide (not unlike her caped superhero). Other than that, I didn’t see much of her as she spent most of her time up in the obstacle courses of tunnels and foam and slides. There was a netted sports area that Mitchell LOVED with the soccer and basketballs, and a jumping castle that Bethany also spent quite some time on.  All up the kids played for four hours!! Needless to say, they crashed when we came home. 😉

Only thing Playtown didn’t have was a cafe for food… just vending machines, but given the fun the kids had, and the fact you can leave and enter as often as you want on the day, I don’t think that is much of a problem (especially since there is a Mcdonalds downstairs from it to keep the kids happy, and a Yum Cha restaurant above it to keep the parents happy (we haven’t been to it yet)).

I am expecting come summer, we’ll be spending time there to avoid the summer heat and amuse Bethany over summer break. 🙂

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