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Pop goes the baking disaster

I kicked Titus and Mitchell out of the house so Bethany and I had a “girl’s day” together. She virtually never gets one on one time with me, so she was incredibly excited. We decided to make some cake pops. Bethany was involved in every step of the process. She measured the ingredients, including cracking the eggs, mixed the batter, helped pour it in the cake tin. When it was cooked and cooled, she crumbed the cake. We then made the cream cheese frosting and mixed it with the cake crumbs, eventually shaping them into balls. After the balls had been ‘set’ in the fridge for a little while, we dipped some sticks in chocolate and stuck them into the cake pops.

You can probably tell she was having a lot of fun. 

After a few dramas, we used some yellow Wilton candy melts to coat the cake pops. 

I was really unhappy with the consistency of the melted candy. It was smooth, but very thick, and didn’t coat the cake pops well at all. I was hoping for a much runnier and dip-able consistency. I also tried out the wilton food safe markers… but they didn’t write on the candy hardly at all.

Bethany enjoyed them regardless. I have to say, they are particularly yummy, I’m just disappointed with how the coating came out… I guess we’ll have to have more ‘girls only’ days in the future to keep trying.

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