So I couldn’t wait a week…

I decided to try and decorate another cake this morning. I wanted to repeat the final cake from Wilton Course 1 with butter in the icing instead of shortening and see what I could produce. I know… I’m impatient… but I do have an excuse… I did have some mums come over in the afternoon to eat it with me. 🙂

I started with the basic yellow cake recipe from the Wilton website. After it cooled, I mixed up some buttercream icing and coated the cake. The cake looks off white because I used REAL New Zealand butter. I actually like the cream look over the cake. The buttercream icing with real butter is much easier to work with, but with the humidity here, it warms up quickly, so I found making the roses meant I had to let them set in the fridge before putting them on the cake. 

I’m still not convinced they look like roses, but maybe I need more practice…

You’ll also notice I didn’t make proper leaves for the cake… I’ve lost my leaf making decorating tip (probably at the final class), so I had to improvise. I liked the effect I came up with… *shrugs*. 

On the bottom of the cake I put three sweet pea flowers and some vines. 

You can see some of the 3D effect in the picture above. 

Looking from above:

I was much happier with how this cake came out. It has all the requirements of the final cake from the Wilton Course 1 (Hong Kong) – roses, shell borders and writing. I am also much happier with the colour contrast and the icing. Made with real butter, it tastes MUCH nicer, and it isn’t as ‘suspect’ as the shortening. The basic yellow cake was delicious too, and not very hard to make. Those are the BEST recipes.


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