Eating out / Mitchell

Can’t Eat… Sleeping…

Some old UNSW friends of Titus invited us out for a Yum Cha (Dim Sum) lunch on the weekend. Mitchell was bright and alert, happily eating. He then ‘asked’ for his milk ( we expected him to want an afternoon nap) and chilled out while playing with his cars… a few minutes later, he fell asleep. We couldn’t believe it. He’s never fallen asleep at the dining table before EVER. I can’t imagine it was comfortable, but even when we went to move him to put him in the stroller, he didn’t wake aside from a couple of batting eyelids. 

I know, I know… he’s still got that darn bottle… he won’t sleep without BOTH his bottle and his blanky. We’re trying numerous weening strategies…. and we’re open to suggestions (preferably ones that involve as little disruption to our sleep as possible… neither Titus or I cope well on 2 hours sleep a night) because the bottles HAVE to go. I’ve tried every sippy cup I have found in both Australia and Hong Kong… The only one he takes a remote interest in is a Nuk one, and then, only during the daytime, never for a nap or sleep… 

I never thought child number two could be so different from child number one. Bethany loves her food, loves her sleep, and weened herself off the bottle by one and dummy by one and a half. Mitchell hates eating (unless it is noodles.. and don’t even think of offering him anything fruit related (we think THAT is genetic.. thanks Titus!)), hates to sleep, won’t sleep without a bottle and blanky and climbs EVERYTHING in sight (including wardrobe shelving). Is it a boy thing????

2 thoughts on “Can’t Eat… Sleeping…

  1. That picture is too precious! Wish I could help you on the bottle thing. I think probably the best way is just let them cry it out for awhile, but I understand that is rough on mom and dad! 😦 I hope you figure something out. Kids are funny about attaching themselves to certain things. You never know what it might be. I had a child in a class one year who was attached to his bib. He slept with it at naptime and carried it around. You just never can tell what they might need for a security item!

  2. Good luck. I weaned my LO off her blanky… it took us a week. And next was the bottle after a visit to the dentist. We are still dealing with her crying and creaming after five days. My LO loves the COMBI straw cup. We tried a couple other sippy cup but COMBI is the one she’s taken to.

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