A need for speed / Fun / Hong Kong / Mitchell

On a nice summer day…

What better to do than muck around in the playground. 

It is only March, but the weather is warm by most standards… High 20’s (degree C). 

We’re making the most of the playground in our apartment block before the humidity makes it too sticky and unbearable to play outdoors…

We are also very lucky that our playground has a few communal cars for the kids to drive around. Mitchell’s favorite just happens to be this ‘Little Tikes’ jeep. He will push himself around and around, get in, get out, get in again… lots of fun. 

Of course, it is also no secret that Mitchell loves cars, and in particular, cars from the movie ‘Cars’… he loves to play with his die cast ‘Cars’… and I caught him in this amusing pose…

He was also trying to say ‘ka-chow’ or ‘nor seem’… I can’t figure out which… but they both mean the same thing… one is the english version, the other the cantonese version… 

Did I mention my little man is now really fluent in understanding (and trying to speak) Cantonese? I’m so proud of him!


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