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School Sports Day

Bethany’s school has their annual sports day today. It marks the end of the outdoor sports season because the heat and humidity becomes too much to allow the children to play outside.

I ventured over to her school to see what the sports day was all about. 

The kids looked adorable in their uniforms and hats, despite the heat and humidity (it was HOT!).

The sports day was nothing like I expected or what you would expect to see back in Australia or New Zealand. For a start, there was not a ball in sight. The sports day was more about games and activities than actual sports. There was parachute play, tricycles, dress up races, snakes and ladders, bubble blowing, twister, etc… 

It was most weird, but the kids enjoyed it. 

Bethany was really good at Twister. She ended up winning the game in her class. Although the colour yellow came up A LOT, which made it difficult. 

The heat became so much, Mitchell was overheating and making it known, so I had to leave 1/2 way through the events. Bethany had a wonderful time though. The reward at the end for the children was an ice cream each. Given the heat, I imagine they would have all enjoyed it too!


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