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OMG… Grass!!!

Those of you living in countries like Australia and New Zealand, and maybe even the USA or the UK may wonder why the fuss about the natural green carpet Mitchell is running on here. 

Well… that would be because this is the first time he has ever run on grass in Hong Kong. Grass isn’t very common when you live in a concrete jungle. And when the jungle isn’t concrete it is REAL jungle. Then, when you do find a microscopic piece of grass, it has a sign on it the same size as the patch saying ‘Keep Off’. This park up near ‘The Peak’ however, has a decent amount of grass for the kids to run and play on, and boy, did Mitchell make the most of it. 

We didn’t discover the park ourselves alas. Bethany was invited to one of her school friends birthday parties, which just happened to be in this park. 

Bethany was fine until the ‘hired talent’ turned up. You see… he was dressed as a cross between Spiderman and Sideshow Bob. The minute Bethany saw the Spiderman outfit, she was clinging to me for dear life. She might love Superman, but Spidey brought her to her knees. It took over 1/2 the party to get her to participate in any activities, but finally she got into the swing of things with a cricket bat…

She actually got two good whacks in… and you’ll notice Sideshow Spidey in the picture too. Also… the Pumpkin Patch co-ordinated top and shorts (thank you Aunty Fiona and Uncle John) and the ensemble wouldn’t be complete without her ever loved green Crocs (with Superman clips on them). 

I used to think Crocs were ridiculous. However BOTH my children love them. In fact, Crocs are the only shoes I can get Mitchell to wear, so as much as I feel like a dork when I wear them myself (yes – I have a blue pair I use around the house… NEVER go out in them), I have grown to have a respect for them and the happiness they bring my children.

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