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Field Trip Fun

Bethany’s class got to go on a field trip for their last day of term before Easter break. 

Their class have been studying insects, shells, farms and agriculture this term, so the field trip was designed to take in as much of this as possible. The class went to Lions Park Nature Reserve, located in the New Territories of Hong Kong. I was too sick to go with Bethany, so Bethany’s Yea-Yea was willing and eager to go with her on this adventure. (It is a requirement of school field trips to have one adult to one child excluding teachers)

Bethany took her camera with her (she inherited my Sony Cybershot).

She looks pretty excited in this picture. 

Bethany got a lesson on lots of different types of shells.

Bethany and one of her best friends Wing listen to a story about shells. Did I mention my daughter is little miss popular and has several ‘best’ friends and is friends with everyone in the class? She’s such a socialite!

This is Bethany’s class. She has three teachers. One on the left (partially cut off) and two on the back right. To the left of Bethany is her ‘best’ friend Wing. To the right is her ‘best’ friend Sarah from Mexico.

Bethany loved her field trip, as was evident by all the pictures of grass and blurry butterflies and vines she took, as well as her excitement when she came home. It was made even more special by the fact her Yea-Yea who is normally in Sydney was able to go with her. A special memory she will carry with her forever. 🙂

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