Bethany / Disneyland / Fun / Mitchell

The Cats Meow

The kids and I were evicted from the house for all of today… so where to take them?

Disneyland of course. Bethany just started her school holidays, and she’s had a pretty good term, so nothing like a little fun to unwind. 

It was a lovely day… not TOO hot, although warm enough ice cream was required.

Bethany finally got her wish to meet Marie from Aristocats…

Mitchell had no idea who Marie was, but he didn’t seem to mind having a picture with her. 

We did the obligatory standard characters too, but I won’t bore you with any of those pics this time around. 

Bethany was such a good girl, and I really needed some retail therapy, so I let her choose something from one of the shops. Her choice was this Minnie princess headband. 

Do ya think she likes it???

The one thing I found surprising with this visit was there were no Easter displays, nor easter products on sale. I am guessing Easter just isn’t that big of an event for Disneyland huh? Ah well… at least we know now.

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