Finally Caught Up…

The backlog of posts is now complete.. from now on I’ll try my best not to get so far behind again. Thanks for sticking with me.

Apologies for the wait you had to experience for the posts from the last few weeks.

I apologise… there has been a lot going on here, and I’ve had little time, nor energy to update this blog. On top of that, my in-laws arrived for a months holiday just over a week ago to add to things. 

I hadn’t been able to figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me recently. I’ve had no energy, felt like i’ve not slept in days, very fuzzy memory (including memory loss), etc. It escalated to a point where I had the shakes so bad I thought I may have Parkinson’s Disease or something neurological going on. Off to the doctor Titus dragged me, and after a couple of blood tests, I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroid disease. I have an over active thyroid that will require me to be medicated (according to the doctor) for a minimum of 18 months. I will require blood tests every 6 weeks to check my thyroid levels and white blood cell count. I am taking 8 pills a day, but it will take around a month before I will start to feel better from the medication. 

It is a relief to know what is wrong. It is reassuring to know this condition can be managed. It is frustrating to know this will impact on me for the rest of my life. It is unsettling to barely even have the energy to care for my children… but I look forward to the medication kicking in and feeling ‘normal’ again. 

So, I apologise for not being able to keep everyone up to date, but I am now slowly working through writing and backdating some of the events we’ve had in our lives recently. I’m not sure when I will catch up… but I will… 

Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for the support.

Oh – and my mother-in-law, who is here on holidays, has had to be hospitalised and have surgery… so yet more dilemma… don’t you wish you were here?


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