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A day in the park….

It was a hot day, Bethany on school holidays, both kids being somewhat feral around the house… so where better to go than a park. 

It was a good idea at the time… what I didn’t realise was that the temperature up here on the side of the mountain we live on would be a few degrees cooler than the temperature down at sea level where Victoria Park is. It was HOT!

Bethany wanted to use my camera to take pictures of.. well… me…

Like my spunky Superman Tee??? It is my current fave.. maybe because it is so different… 

The park we were playing at is close to the remote controlled boat ponds, so Mitchell became mesmarised when this speed boat decided to start doing laps. There were also a couple of boats chugging around in the slow pond, but all Mitchell could say was ‘Speed!’… too much Lightning McQueen me thinks! It took about 20 minutes to drag Mitchell away so we could go home for a cold drink and ice cream!


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