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It’s all about priorities

We arrived in Singapore on the friday afternoon and were checked into our hotel by about 7 pm. Dinner time. Ah well… may as well start with the most important reason for coming to Singapore (for us)… food. Since we hadn’t booked to go eat Singapore crab that night, we had to do something just as good – eat LAKSA!!

We’d been told Katong Laksa was the place to go. After a brief visit to the concierge, they also agreed. However they warned us there were a couple of ‘Katong Laksa’ in Katong (which is a suburb in Singapore). So we jumped a taxi and he seemed to know where to go. As warned, there were a couple of places, and we decided on the larger establishment – 328. It had an air conditioned section. We were glad to have the air conditioning, as Singapore is perpetually humid. For Singapore $3.50, we got a bowl of laksa, pre-chopped, so all we had to do was spoon the creamy goodness into our mouths. 

mmmm… just look at that… really… it was an effort to take the photo… my mouth was watering! My mouth IS watering NOW!!! This particular one had small clams in it, which are not for everyone, as well as prawns, and the smoothest fish cake you’ll find. 🙂 

I love the clams, and there is just nothing like Singaporean fish cake. Nothing in Hong Kong comes remotely close!

Bethany also insisted on having her own laksa, which worked out fine with us (expecting we’d get to eat hers too).. we were WRONG. We knew she loved laksa, but she still surprised us when she took to her laksa and ate most of it, only stopping because she was about to explode!

This type of laksa is runny, not a thick curry. However, it is very flavoursome, and really – the best $3.50 (well $7.00 for me because one wasn’t enough!!!) we spent the whole trip! 

We loved the laksa so much, we came back for lunch before our flight home on the monday where we all had laksa again and enjoyed it (and savoured it since we wouldn’t be back for a while) as much as the first time. 

In some ways it is lucky we don’t live in Singapore, because I’d gain 10 kg just eating laksa all day!

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