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Day Two.. A trip to the Zoo

We gave Bethany the choice of what attraction she wanted to go see. She knew straight away she wanted to go to the Singapore Zoo. 

There were some interesting animals there, well laid out, with lots of opportunity to get up close and unobstructed to many of the animals themselves. There was a lot of people though. I guess to be expected – public holiday weekend, a saturday, nice day and all that. 

This proboscis monkey was letting us know exactly what he was in *cough* more ways than one. 

Mitchell was able to get up close to some very clever little asian otters. 

Titus took the kids walking on one of the many paths through the tropical jungle. 

There was an elephant show to demonstrate how elephants and humans work together. It was fascinating and amazing to see what these animals can do, but at the same time a little sad that they have to work so hard. 

Bethany surprised us. She normally loves her large African animals, but she was pretty scared of the elephants. The stone elephant was as close as she wanted to get…

Titus and I on the other hand, took the rare and unique opportunity to REALLY get up close and personal with these amazing animals…


It was slow, and not very smooth, and well… bumpy, but amazing. To be riding on such a large powerful and amazing animal. A memory I will try to cherish for sure.

Titus jumped at the opportunity as well.

The zoo was spread out, so we made the most of the trams that were constantly going around the park. Bethany got to see her giraffes (of course)… but then she reminded us that HER giraffes are in Australia… in Sydney (at Taronga Zoo). 

Even though a lot of the scenery was man-made, it was amazing. 

What I loved the most though, was our ability to get up so close to the animals.

Check out this little guy:

I was literally that close! You’ll also notice a definite lack of wire fence between us as well. You could pretty much put your hand out and almost touch him… although when two hapless tourists did, he gave them a piece of his mind with some loud chattering and a pretty dirty look. 

After such a big day, we ended it with a trip to Jumbo. If you’ve been to Singapore before you will pretty much know exactly what I am talking about. Last time Titus and I were in Singapore (pre kids – circa 2001) we discovered the joys of Jumbo, and knew on this trip we would HAVE to go back. Jumbo does one of the BEST Singapore crab (be it pepper, butter or my personal favorite CHILLI) you will ever have. It is a restaurant.. or actually… I am told chain of restaurants now. We went to the original one in the East Coast Seafood Centre and we were NOT disappointed. 

All I wanted from our trip to Singapore was a good laksa and some good Singapore crab… both ticked off my list by the end of day two… not bad… not bad AT ALL. 🙂


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