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Summer in Disneyland – Day 1

Yes… it is yet another Disneyland post, so if you are sick of hearing and seeing the house of the mouse in Hong Kong, then feel free to skip this one. As I’ve probably mentioned before, Disneyland here is the Hong Kong equivalent of going to a decent local zoo… so we spend a lot of time out there when the weather permits. 

It is getting hotter and hotter here. To be honest, it is already too hot to do much outdoors anymore, however, we decided one last trip to Disneyland before summer really kicked in was in order. Icing on the cake was the fact the Disneyland hotels are running a 50% off rack rate special at the moment, so we decided to splurge and stay at the Hollywood Hotel. It is the more kid-friendly of the two hotels, with lots of hidden Mickey’s, etc. We could only get a room that looked over the Disneyland theme park, however that worked out well for us in the end. 

Hong Kong Disneyland is currently running a Stitch Summer Beach Party. So everywhere you go in the park at the moment is Stitch themed. For example…. Tomorrowland…

Bethany and Mitchell took a ‘ride’ with Stitch in his space vehicle in between helping Buzz fight the evil Zurg… The Buzz Lightyear ride is Bethany’s current favorite. 😉

Given it was hot, as we walked through Fantasyland, Bethany noticed there was virtually no queue for Mickey, who was dressed up for summer. So… we had to visit him…

Then, Bethany spotted Minnie, who we had a 15 minute wait to see…

After this, Mitchell was at melting point, with Bethany, Titus and I not far behind, so we popped into the air conditioned bliss of Mickey’s house, and ended up finding Mickey and Minnie hiding in there as well. 

A few more rides, and we were ready to call it a day, so we headed over to the hotel, where we had to queue for an hour (!!!) to check in. Once we got our room, the kids made themselves at home.

Mitchell took a particular liking to the beds, which even had ‘hidden mickey’ printed quilts on them.

We had dinner in the hotel at the ‘international’ buffet “Chef Mickey” (word of warning – try and book beforehand as it fills up fast, especially on weekends). I was dubious, however, pleasantly surprised. The food was quite edible, the seafood was fresh, a nice range of desserts, the cooked meats were tender… over all, it was well done. The only strange thing was a distinct lack of salads… but given the variety of chinese, indian, japanese and european cuisine they had on offer, it can certainly be forgiven. 

Full bellies, we headed back to our room just in time for the kids to watch the Disneyland fireworks. We had an awesome view and no dealing with the outside heat. Very happy about that I can tell you. A nice way to finish off the day before the kids headed to bed.


One thought on “Summer in Disneyland – Day 1

  1. Hee, always such fun! I just love the Disney posts. 😀

    We have a Chef Mickey’s as well. It’s located in the Contemporary Resort. It’s not internationally themed though. It’s just a HUGE buffet, and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are all there to take pictures with you while you are eating. It’s lots of fun, and Disney restaurants always have great food. All of the pricier restaurants at DW are the same with the calling ahead. There is one in Epcot that you have to call months in advance if you want to even think about eating there.

    I always love your pictures. Your kids are so photogenic.

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