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Summer in Disneyland – Day 2

Refreshed with a good night of sleep, we ventured out early to Disneyland. The two goals of the day set by the kids… well… Bethany… were to see Stitch and watch the Stitch Summer Dance Bash on Main Street. We started out with breakfast in the cafe on Main Street, and were just in time for the Dance Bash “parade”. It wasn’t really a parade. Just a few small floats that stopped on Main Street while the characters atop them ‘got down and boogie’d.

Mitchell was finding it hard to deal with the heat, and didn’t find the parade much fun at all, even when Stitch came out in his Elvis hairstyle…

After a few rides, we braved the heat to line up for a 1/2 hour to get a photo with Stitch. It was HOT. We were melting. It was not fun. The kids were delighted though. 

I can not imagine how uncomfortable it would be for the poor people in those costumes. We were melting in shorts and t-shirts… how must they have been feeling?

The kids were happy to share the love though. Mitchell loves giving the characters kisses. 

A few more rides, and a brief play of volleyball with Stitch…

and we could take the heat no more… heading home. Gotta love the fact that with an annual pass you don’t feel like you’ve wasted time when you leave at 3 pm. It was a nice change, and a nice break. I don’t think we’ll be back at Disneyland much now until October… it is just going to be too hot!!

One thought on “Summer in Disneyland – Day 2

  1. Just looking at those pictures makes me start feeling a bit warm. You guys all look like you are about to melt. I hear you about not going back until October. I feel the same way here. It’s just too hot.

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