Bethany / Mitchell

A day at home…

It is school holidays. Truth be known, it has been for the last two weeks thanks to the paranoia of swine flu sweeping Hong Kong. The schools were shut down. Bethany has graduated, and now she waits excitedly for her new school year to start in August. With a lot of time on her hands… she has been sitting around…

 I can’t believe she is only 4. She loves to pose, loves to talk, loves to sing. She likes to remind me she is NOT an ordinary kid (whatever that truly means these days).

I have to remind myself she isn’t as grown up as she looks in these photos…

Meanwhile… in Mitchell’s world…

It’s all about the cars and trains… all about the cars – I tell ya!!!


One thought on “A day at home…

  1. Awww, I am so glad you updated your blog! I never get tired of seeing pics of your kids! I love the one of Mitchell and his pile of toys (and was that a dumpling steamer?!), and I seriously can’t believe that Bethany is only four. She looks so grown up in those photos. Just gorgeous.

    Your Disney photos make me want to come and visit. (However, I think Lauren would kill me if I went to Disney HK before I came to see her and go to Disney World.) It is awesome that you guys are able to go there so often. All we have here is a tacky water/amusement park where entirely too many pasty people wear string bikinis that show their tattoos of Winnie the Pooh smoking a joint. I kid you not. And it’s fun that Lilo and Stitch are bringing some Hawaiian flair to HK. 😉

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