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Peaking Around…

It is always nice to have an excuse to break away from the daily grind and do something different. 

Today, thanks to friends visiting, I got to play tour guide Lisa as the kids and I took our friends up to ‘The Peak’. We started with a regular tram ride to Central, ending up literally underneath the HSBC building. Each building in Central is pretty unique and distinct, and the HSBC one, while not the prettiest, is certainly different. From there… a walk up and over to the Peak Tram.

The Peak is a location on Hong Kong Island with an excellent view over the amazing skyline that is the city of Hong Kong. You can take the Peak Tram to get there. I recommend it to tourists because it is a cable car which traverses the side of the mountain through the populated Mid-Levels to get up to the shops.  It is a fun ride and gives an amazing and unique perspective as the gradient increases. Pay a few bucks extra and you can go up to the top viewing platform for some pretty spectacular vistas. 

Bethany wasn’t afraid of the height at all – it was just the heat she wasn’t happy about. 

The view… pretty amazing huh?

In the foreground of this picture are the residential apartments of ‘Mid-Levels’. Just beyond that you can see the skyscrapers of the business areas. The tallest building is IFC Two, which you may remember from many posts ago where fireworks came off it for New Year. Beyond the skyscrapers is the always busy Victoria Harbour. On the other side of the harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Kowloon. What this picture doesn’t convey is truly how built up Hong Kong is.. but I find the view awesome never-the-less. 

Back down below the viewing deck where the Peak Tram rolls in is a shopping mall, some walks, restaurants, etc, and an old Peak Tram. 

Bethany and her friend William had fun posing with the tram – inside and out. The Peak Tram has been in operation for over 100 years. Amazing in itself. I can’t help but wonder what amazing changes the view the trams have had over the century as Hong Kong reinvented itself again and again.


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