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A Jumbo Feast…

Another fun thing Hong Kong has are the floating restaurants. I don’t know how long the Jumbo Floating Restaurant has been in existence, but is it one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork I’ve seen, particularly for a giant floating barge. 

We decided to take our friends from Oz there for dinner. It is a little expensive by Hong Kong standards, but the food is generally nice, the view is interesting, and the ornate detail on the walls, ceilings, etc, is stunning. 

To get out to Jumbo, you have to take a little courtesy boat. While taking the boat over, you pass by literally millions of dollars worth of private boats – launches – yachts – choose your name for these palaces on water. 

The interior of the restaurant looks grande, but you don’t necessarily have to be dressed up to eat there. The kids had a wonderful view out the window, when they weren’t enjoying the food. 🙂

A unique part of the Jumbo experience is the ‘Emperor’s Chair’. You can pay to dress up in traditional chinese dress and sit in it, or you can just walk up and take photos…

Aww – don’t they make a happy couple? But I’m not sure which one of them is in charge…

Either William has been in Hong Kong too long, or Bethany has taught him the art of ‘the Hong Kong photo pose’. 😉 (Sorry Karina!)

Mitchell meanwhile… had a fascination with the marble stairs…


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