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Gone to the dogs…

One of the first things the kids wanted to do once we’d woken enough in the New Zealand time zone was visit uncle nigel and aunty pj… to see them both, but just as importantly to see their puppy dog. 

I don’t know which of the three had the most fun, but they all had a wonderful time. 

The next day, and the kids got to experience something they’ve been missing – Mcdonald’s indoor playgrounds. (Mcdonalds in HK don’t have any such thing)

Mitchell was giving us a verbal ‘slide?’.. (comes down slide).. ‘AGAIN!’ (goes back to top of slide) commentary. 

Meanwhile…. Bethany was just… um… you decide..

I’ll just point out – she hadn’t HAD any Mcdonalds at the time she was doing this….


One thought on “Gone to the dogs…

  1. I love the picture of the kids with the puppy dog. The picture makes that dog look so surreal to me, almost like you cut n paste him in the pic. 🙂

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