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Puddy Tats!

No trip to New Zealand is complete for the kids without a visit to Aunty Fiona’s and some quality time with her menagerie of animals. I have no doubt mentioned she is a cat breeder of Ragdoll cats. That means there is almost always someone of the furry persuasion willing to have a cuddle or two. 


Bethany cuddles Rufus

Bethany cuddles Rufus

This handsome specimen is Rufus – a cream male ragdoll cat. He is … rather large, but isn’t he beautiful? He is the daddy of the kittens Bethany got to cuddle last time we were in New Zealand. You might notice however despite his size he is flopped in Bethany’s arms… like a rag doll. Hence where the name of the breed comes from. 

Here he is after cuddles with Bethany back in his home. He has a lovely big winter coat on him in these pictures. 

Bethany also got to cuddle Marshmellow – one of the girl cats. Marshmellow really took a liking to Bethany and loved letting her pet her which was really cute. 

If you’re lucky you might get to see kitten photos in a month or 2 as Fiona’s girls are expecting (and I hope she’ll send me a picture or 2 to post here). I just wish we could be there to snuggle them!!!


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