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Butterfly Creek

There is this “tourist attraction” in Auckland called Butterfly Creek that my mother had been wanting to take the kids to for a while, so with a nice day, we ventured out there. 

As you might expect… 

They had butterflies. Lots of them. One tried to escape with me on my back. I’m not a fan of butterflies. I wasn’t a fan of the freeloader trying to escape being on my back either. Yick!

They also have an insect display there. Not really my cup of tea. I believe the best insect in most cases is a dead or unseen insect. 

Bethany became rather partial to this Giant Weta though. Actually I don’t mind giant weta’s. They are big enough that despite their armour, they are kinda cute.. and they are endangered… and they tend not to try and crawl into the house…

Butterfly Creek also has a ‘hobby farm’ with a few farm animals on it. 

Mitchell got to pat a bunny rabbit. 

Bethany got to cuddle a bunny too. She could have happily sat there with it all afternoon. She quite enjoyed the different animals.

Mitchell meanwhile..

Only cared about the slide. 😉

Butterfly Creek – I wouldn’t rate it well. Nothing amazing about it. Seems to be more like just a hobby farm with some insects and fish. Doesn’t take very long to go through, so ideal if you have nothing to do and have only a very quick stop in Auckland if you are into that sort of thing, but for the price, I’d rather take the kids to one of the real farm attractions…


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