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The green, green grass of home

When I was a child, I was blessed to live in close proximity to One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park in Auckland. It has open green fields and volcanic craters, ideal to run, jump and have fun in. Now-a-days, it is missing its beloved one tree, but the green paddocks are still there. 

We had to attend my brothers wedding rehearsal in Cornwall Park, and the kids thought it was Christmas when they saw all the grass (we have definitely been in Hong Kong too long 😉 ) that they could run on. 

Mitchell hit the ground running, and grinning. 

Bethany and Mitchell loved the freedom to run on the grass (something they generally can’t do in Hong Kong). One Tree Hill is the volcano with the obelisk (and no tree) in the background. 

Bethany was having fun striking a pose (much to our frustration). Even worse, Mitchell decided ‘big sister knows best’ and started copying her. Argh!!

Thankfully something happened to distract Bethany…

A rainbow came out thanks to the Auckland weather. Bethany hasn’t really seen a real rainbow before (I know – I know – terrible parents… but the fact is we just don’t live anywhere (like Auckland) where it is common). It only lasted a few minutes, but Bethany was so excited, and of course asking a million questions about rainbows. 

Such an innocent face…


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