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Wedding Day

The big reason we were in New Zealand was to celebrate with Uncle Nige and Aunty PJ as they got married. I have a whole heap of photos of the event, but as my brother doesn’t like his photo on the internet, you won’t see too many here. The wedding ceremony was held in Cornwall Park – a beautiful location, and the rain held off long enough for vows and photos to happen… always a good thing!

As a long time friend, and godmum to Bethany, Fiona was there too.

It was cold, but the ceremony was a short one, and as I say – the weather held off. 

Bethany wanted to wear a summer dress, so we made her wear white tights and a thick jacket over the top, but she wasn’t happy – “no photos mummy!!!”

Once we got to the wedding reception Bethany was interested in one thing.

Cake! A nice chocolate mud cake too!! YUM. Mitchell loved it… and that’s something since Mitchell normally isn’t a huge fan of cake. 

Speaking of Mitchell…

Shock- horror – his regular crocs are missing. We made him wear more formal lace up crocs and socks for the wedding. It was a challenge… believe me!

There were disposable camera’s on the tables. Both Bethany and Mitchell thought it was great fun to take pictures with them. Mitchell was going around saying ‘cheese’. (Sorry for the weird photos you might have gotten Nige, but remember – it could be art! 😉 )

Bethany had fun playing with the only baby at the wedding… those girly instincts coming into play. 

Mitchell passed out on the couch Uncle Nige had set up for the kids to watch TV on late into the wedding (lunch wedding) after having so much fun with everyone there. 

Thanks for the great day Nige and PJ – CONGRATS!!!!


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