Australia / Bethany / Dinosaurs / Eating out / Friends / Fun / Sydney


We asked Bethany what she wanted to do while daddy wasn’t working. Her response: “see the dinosaurs”. So, off to the Australian Museum we went. Last time we went, Bethany was scared silly of the dinosaurs, so I was skeptical.

This time around, Bethany was fascinated by the various displays and asked lots of questions about skin, bones, claws, etc. She even made the connection between birds and dinosaurs as we talked through the exhibits. She was a little reluctant of the ‘lifelike’ replica’s, but once she saw us petting them (nothing like a cute ankylosaur to say ‘niiiice dinosaur’ to) she was fine. She even posed in front of these raptors. although she did admit she was glad they weren’t real. 

That night, we went out to dinner with my cousin at a german restaurant in Circular Quay. The moon was out, and looked amazing over the harbour… not that my camera can do it any justice.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Mitchell loved the om-pah-pah band. 

He danced and was simply mesmarised by it all. It was very cute. I suspect he’ll enjoy Germany to it’s fullest when we venture there one of these days. 

Then a few days later…

Bethany got to spend time with her friends Zoe and Ollie. They’re all growing up waaaaay to quickly!

We got to catch up with lots of people, booking out lunches and dinners (and even late night suppers) to try and see as many people as possible…. it was great seeing people, but sad knowing how many friends we have back there we don’t see as often any more. It was frustrating not having enough time though to really catch up with everyone we wanted to… I guess we’ll have to go for longer next time.


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