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Sydney’s Wildlife World

We caught up with Bethany’s friend William for a planned day to a wildlife park. Our plan was to go to Gosford Reptile Park. However the heavens opened and the rain fell so we had to reconsider going somewhere the kids didn’t have to spend most of the time in the rain. We ended up deciding to try Sydney’s Wildlife World next to the aquarium as neither families had been there before. I have to be honest. I was truly skeptical about this park. It is on a very small patch of land in the heart of Sydney in an area mostly visited by tourists. I didn’t expect much at all. 

There were a lot of reptiles. Australian reptiles wouldn’t be complete without crocodiles of course.

There was also a pretty impressive, if not creepy insect display, including some pretty cool scorpions. 

Yeuch. I hate spiders… especially funnelwebs. Yet here is Bethany – smile on her face. I am sure she wouldn’t be smiling if she saw a real one (especially since they are the most poisonous spider in Australia).

Again, this is a fake, but there was a decent selection of snakes to look at, and most of them were easy to spot in their enclosure. I’d rather Bethany cuddle a snake than a spider. 

This goanna stopped just long enough for a picture with Bethany. There IS a piece of glass between them – don’t worry. The reptile displays were quite well done, especially to allow the kids access to see the lizards. 

Bethany appeared through a hole in this tree (it was fake) while we were looking at the kangaroos and wombats. The efficient use of space in this wildlife park was nothing short of impressive. There was a walk through aviary, an open ‘red sand’ outback area for the kangaroos, a cassowary enclosure, and of course, koalas in their gum trees. 

They even had baby emu’s, which were incredibly cute. We never saw any adult birds though, so I have no idea where they got these little ones from. I am guessing when they grow up they will go on display with the kangaroos. 

I doubt they’ll be on display with this one though. Yet another fake, strategically placed at the entrance.

Bethany insisted on her ‘strike a pose and take a picture of me mummy’. Do ya like her funky gumboots by the way?

We finished the day with a bit of a walk around Darling Harbour. Despite a little bit of wet, it was quite nice. The reverse bungy was out, so the kids had to have a turn. Mitchell wasn’t keen, but Bethany loved it as always.

Thanks for a great day Karina and William! Maybe we can do the Gosford Reptile Park next time.


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