Bethany / Mitchell / school

First Day of Primary School

Today was Bethany’s first day in Year 1, which meant a new school. I had to take her by taxi and she was pretty excited the whole way.

Here she is in the taxi, playing it cool.

When we arrived, Bethany found one of her friends, got in line for her class and headed up to her classroom. The parents were allowed up for 5 minutes to take a few photos. 

Doesn’t she look cute in her new uniform? Bethany found her locker and put her bag away before heading into the classroom. I’m not including pictures of the classroom as they have other kids, parents and teachers in them, but if anyone wants to see more pictures, flick me an email. 

Mitchell wanted to know where his spot was and didn’t want to leave. He thought he should be staying with Bethany. (I know, I know… there are kids in the background of this picture, but they are in the background, and hopefully ok for you – the world – to see.)

Bethany quickly found her friends from her old school (one of which is even in her class) and went up to introduce herself to her teacher properly before we (the parents) were kicked out so class could properly begin. When Mitchell and I went to pick Bethany up she was still very excited, talking the whole way home about the rules at school, friends, teachers, etc. The only bad thing was I got told off for Bethany not having black shoes, which we had to go out and buy the next day. I will point out though that I have been through all the documents we received and nowhere in the documentation did it mention what kind of shoes made up the uniform at all… Not that Bethany minds – shoe shopping is one of her favorite pastimes. 

Meanwhile, after dropping Bethany off I needed something to placate Mitchell. He was distraught that he couldn’t stay in the classroom or the school and was making sure the whole suburb (consisting mostly of schools) knew about it. Fortunately for me, there was a park at the end of the road which quickly swayed his attention. 

It had a rather cool climbing structure which Mitchell found intriguing. 

He belatedly realised there were stairs on the other side though. I don’t think he was impressed. 

The playground had the desired effect of calming Mitchell, distracting Mitchell and, along with the insane heat and humidity, tiring Mitchell and making it easier for me to get him home… eventually…


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