filming / Hong Kong / Mitchell

Lights, Camera… Haircut!

Bethany was off to school *YAY*. That gave me the opportunity to take Mitchell for a much needed haircut. We headed down to Causeway Bay. Mitchell, whether it be because he is a boy, or just my little nightmare child, does NOT like having his haircut. In order to deal with this, I have to take him to a children’s hair salon in an attempt to keep him entertained. It costs a bit more than a regular hairdresser would back home, but we have to go with what works – and the extra expense means a little less pain for all concerned. I held his head, while the hairdresser chopped madly. Initially Mitchell sat there going ‘OW! OW! OW!’ as he watched the hair being chopped from the side of his head (the scissors were nowhere near a point that they could cut him). Then, one tv (to his left) started playing Bob the Builder, while another (to his right) had an old Scooby Doo movie playing. He drifted between watching the two, and became oblivious to the fact his hair was being cut until the hairdresser had to do his fringe. She got it done quickly, and voila.

No more hippy boy. 

After enduring his haircut, I took him for a walk and we came across a film crew. I have no idea if they were filming for a movie or a TV show, but they had lots of stuff set up and an area of Times Square cordoned off. 

They were specifically setting up and filming a Chinese Lion Dance. It was quite fascinating to watch. We watched about 4 ‘takes’. The director would scream CUT and the poor guys in the lion costume would have to perform the dance again and again, stop midway between polls, etc. I have no idea if there were any celebrities involved, but the process and endurance needed was interesting, and Mitchell loved the idea of the lion.  Rarely is it a dull time in old Hong Kong town.


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