Bethany / school

New School, New Bus

Second day of school for Bethany meant a new school bus. We have to be at the bus stop – a 2 to 5 minute walk from our place depending on conditions by 7.30 am (Her first class starts at 8.15 am). We have had to alter Bethany’s routine to get her accustomed to this by bringing her bedtime forward (and she isn’t happy about it), waking her up at 6.30 am, and pushing the “being organised” line pretty hard at her. She likes to dilly-dally and get distracted in the morning, so a challenge it is. 

However, the second Bethany saw her new school bus, she found a new motivation. 

She waited patiently for her school bus, not knowing exactly what to expect. (Please note she now conforms to her school requirement of BLACK shoes. 😉 )

When I told her the bus coming was hers, she got so excited she balled her fists in joy and started jumping up and down. Last ‘year’ her schoolbus was a minibus. This year, she gets a big ‘greylines’ sized red bus. Bethany’s logic is that she needs a big bus to go to big girl school.

The fact that over 3/4 of the school catch the school buses is oblivious to her. 

This is her school bus. It has to turn around at her stop because the road is a dead end street. You might just be able to make her out as the child sitting in the second seat back behind the driver. Unfortunately the early morning light and my inability to take photos didn’t help. 

One thing I have to say about this bus service is it is more efficient than anything I’ve ever seen in Sydney. Her bus arrives to pick her up either 2 minutes early or exactly on time. It arrives to drop her off either 4 to 2 minutes early, at latest, on time. I am impressed!


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