Bethany / Hong Kong / Lizards


Always expect the unexpected. You would think by now I would have learned not to be surprised by much. 

So, imagine my surprise when we walk into a clothing alterations store 3 floors up on one of the busiest roads in Causeway Bay to get Bethany’s school uniform dresses shortened, and encounter a wall full of lizard enclosures. Chameleons and an assortment of lizards, an aquarium with all kinds of fish, including a small lobster (yabbi), and some turtles (Ugwai in cantonese – pronounced ew-gwhy). The kids and I were mesmarised by the various animals. The chameleons in particular were amazing to watch for me. Titus had to pull me away twice to put my attention back onto the fact we were there to get Bethany’s uniforms altered… 

After ensuring the uniforms would be done, we were asked if we would like to see their smallest turtle. Bethany and I were both nodding frantically, and out it came. We were even more shocked when the lady asked Bethany to hold out her hand and placed it on Bethany. 

Bethany wasn’t too sure at first, but after a few tentative touches to make sure the shell was hard, she let it crawl on her hand. It was very cute and Bethany said it looked like ‘dude’ from Finding Nemo… 

Here the little guy/gal is in Titus’s hand. Even he thought it was cute.


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