Bethany / Fun / Hong Kong / Mitchell


It is HOT here. It is HUMID here. I wish summer would go away already. We’ve had perhaps 1 day of rain since we got back from Oz, if that. However, as much as we all hate it being so hot and humid, there is only so much containment the kids (and Titus and I of the kids) can deal with. Thankfully the playground in our apartment provides a good ‘get-out-of-the-house-away’ for the kids. It is shaded, but that doesn’t help much with the humidity thick on the air. Think SAUNA. The kids will take whatever they can get though, and even if we only end up at the playground for 5 minutes before they want to go back upstairs, it is better than nothing. 

Mitchell lasted 1/2 an hour this day before pulling me back inside to air conditioned bliss. Notice anything different about Mitchell in this picture? 

No? Look at his shoes… they aren’t crocs!! Don’t faint – I haven’t faked the photo – it’s real! When we were in Australia I took the kids to a children’s shoe shop for Bethany to get some properly fitted shoes. Mitchell wanted some too, and chose these sneakers, which he wants to wear as much as his crocs much to our relief. 

Meanwhile Bethany was scooting around…


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