Bethany / Hong Kong / school

School Days

Bethany loves school. She is learning phonics and numerics. She is learning to read, to write, to spell and to add. She is learning how to do stretching properly and sports skills. She is learning Mandarin. We are only a month into school, and already she is doing all these things.

This photo was taken at 7 am in the morning (she was on the school bus 15 minutes later)… Bethany isn’t a morning person. She is struggling with mornings, but you wouldn’t know it to look at this picture. Her only complaints about school have been that she has to get up far too early, and go to bed far too early… but we’re working through it and adjusting her as best we can. I am not a morning person either, I empathise with her and feel her pain completely.

I got the opportunity to go to a talk by the year one teachers about how they teach our kids, and I was nothing short of impressed. Primary school teaching (and the resources teachers have access to have certainly improved since my day). 😉

All the classrooms have digital whiteboards, and computerised alphabet/word games that all the children actively participate in learning how to sound and draw letters, then construct them into words. Same goes for math. WOW. No wonder Bethany loves going to school so much.

I’ll leave you with one of Bethany’s artwork that is proudly displayed outside her classroom.


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