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Just another Disneyland post…

The kids have been through a lot recently with change and the like, so we decided they deserved some time in Disneyland.

Autopia only had a wait time of *5* minutes! We couldn’t believe it.

There was something very wrong with Minnie the day we visited. She was acting masculine. She didn’t look her feminine self. She walked like a construction worker. She didn’t want to interact. Not that the kids cared but it was the oddity of the day.

Bethany went on Space Mountain for the first time. Her first roller coaster. She was fine until the holographic skeletons set up for Halloween started reaching out for her as we went down a rather steep/fast dip. She found the halloween stuff much more scary than the actual ride. But she was very brave for going on the ride when it is at it’s scariest. Don’t you think? She doesn’t want to go on the ride any time soon but she has plenty of time to build her courage up to go again now she knows what real roller coasters are all about.

She doesn’t look too bad for her adventure here. Especially since she got to see Mulan. She had told us the only character she wanted to see that day was Mulan… and got her wish. 😉


2 thoughts on “Just another Disneyland post…

  1. Space Mountain was my first roller coaster too! It was on my 5th birthday. I went on with my dad and grandma, and then I found out later that my friend (who was 6) had also ridden it that day and that she had cried. Therefore, I decided it must be too scary and dangerous (even though I’d been fine on it) and said that I was never ever going on that ride again until I was SIXTEEN! (How very old sixteen seemed in my 5 year old mind). However, I did ride it again before I was 16, and it is now one of my favorite rides. I still won’t do most roller coasters though!

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